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About the program


The Charter Ambassador Program (CAP) seeks to ‘give life’ to the Charter for Children and Young People.

The Charter sets out 20 conditions that all children and young people in South Australia can, and should, have for a good life now and in the future, without discrimination.

The Charter was informed by children and young people in 2019 and launched with children and young people in 2021. The CAP is the next step in giving children and young people a platform to use their voice to have a say about what matters to them.

The program’s key message is that kids should be safe, happy and well and that children and young people have a democratic right to be involved in decisions that impact them.

Through the program, Ambassadors will develop a better understanding of their place in society and the role children and young people can play in shaping the future. The program will grow Ambassadors’ sense of connectedness with their community, their peers and themselves.

This is the first and only program of its kind in Australia specifically dedicated to Ambassadors for the Charter for Children and Young People.

Photo of a child and facilitator participating in a Charter launch activity
Photo of a room full of children and young people participating in a Charter launch activity

What is involved?


Ambassadors will be invited to participate in workshops and forums where they will explore what matters to kids. They will learn about how decisions affecting children and young people are made, and how they can have their say on those decisions.

Ambassadors will also be tasked with sharing information about the Charter with their school communities. This may involve:

  • Presenting at assembly
  • Writing an article for the school newsletter
  • Producing a video
  • Creating a poster

Ambassadors will receive resources and ongoing support so that they are well equipped to advocate for the Charter in their school and community.

All communication to Charter Ambassadors will be directed through Charter Facilitators (teachers or wellbeing coordinators) at schools.

Who can be a Charter Ambassador?


The CAP is open to all school-aged children and young people in South Australia.

We want the program to capture diverse voices – children and young people from all walks of life. Previous or current leadership experience is not required.

Charter Ambassadors and CAP Facilitators are invited to help grow the CAP by nominating other children and young people who may be interested in participating.


Photo of three boys discussing a Charter launch activity



Registration for the Charter Ambassador Program is now open.

Please email for more information.

Key Dates



Official CAP Launch


Tuesday 10 May 2022


Parliament House event


Tuesday 16 August 2022


Online Forum 1


Date to be confirmed


Online Forum 2


Date to be confirmed


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