Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

Data and Technical Report – South Australia’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

The Data and Technical Report provides the detailed technical specifications for measures (TSMs) in South Australia’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People. The report captures the latest available data from a variety of state, national and international sources, to monitor, track and report the outcomes of children and young people (birth to 18 years) in five dimensions: health, safety, wellbeing, education and citizenship.

The TSMs are the basis for reporting the evidence and, as far as possible, includes the following information for each of the measures:

  • rationale for inclusion
  • measure details (including age range, and reporting time frame)
  • definition of the data calculation (numerator and denominator), the time period the data is collected in and relative frequency (rate, proportion and percentage)
  • data sources (with embedded links)
  • data availability (baseline year, frequency, age and next likely release date)
  • data breakdown (disaggregated into sub-categories)
  • benchmarking (potential comparability with state, national or international data)
  • further information (where relevant).

To promote greater equality of outcomes for all children and young people, where possible, data are disaggregated in sub-categories:

  • male and female
  • Aboriginal children and young people
  • children and young people with disability
  • children and young people living in out-of-home care
  • metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australian populations
  • socioeconomic status.


Young South Australians are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

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Young South Australians are safe and nurtured.

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Young South Australians are happy, inspired and engaged.

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Young South Australians are successful learners.

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Young South Australians participate actively in society.

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