The Charter for Children and Young People

The Charter for Children and Young People is a list of twenty things children and young people should have to be safe, happy and well – no matter who you are or where you’re from.

The Government uses this list to make decisions that affect kids.

Children and young people helped shape the Charter and it reflects what’s important to them – things like having a good home life, being listened to, and being respected and valued.

Best of all, because the Charter is protected by the law, adults have to pay attention to it.

What’s involved?

We want to give children and young people an opportunity to use your voice to say what you need to be safe, happy and well. That’s why we’ve created the Charter Ambassador Program (CAP).

As a Charter Ambassador, you will:

Learn all about the Charter and how it can be used to make things better for kids in South Australia

Have your say about what matters to children and young people

Be a voice for the Charter in your school and community

Meet other children and young people who care about kids in South Australia.