Outcomes Framework

South Australia’s first ever Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People, which aims to help our youngest citizens to start well, grow strong and experience a good life, has been formally adopted today.

CYP ‘Stat’ of the week

Did you know?


In South Australia the rate of homelessness was lower (38.7%) than
the national average (47.0%) in 2016, with young people 12 t0 18
years more likely to be homeless than children 11 years and younger


Postcards to the Minister

A summary for children and young people

This summary illustrates children and young people’s messages to the Minister for Education about what is important to them to have a good life in South Australia.

CYP Facts

410,100 children and young people under 20 years are estimated to be living in South Australia
including 18,500 Aboriginal children and young people     Learn more >

Health Snapshots

Overall health – New!

Daily fruit consumption

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Safety Snapshots

Housing stress – New!

Deaths as a result of injury

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Wellbeing Snapshots

Friends – New!

Children enrolled in a preschool program

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Education Snapshots

School attendance – New!

Students at or above the minimum standard in writing

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Citizenship Snapshots

VET for school students – New!

Civics and citizenship

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