Charter for Children and Young People

Charter for Children and Young People
officially launched

The Hon John Gardner MP, Minister for Education, officially launched the Charter for Children and Young People on 9 June 2021 at the Adelaide Zoo with 108 children and young people.  After formally thanking those who wrote post cards to him in 2019, the Minister officially unveiled the Charter. Children and young people discussed what the 20 Charter conditions mean to them and advised how the Charter could be used in the future. Their ideas were captured in the What We Heard –  Summary Report.

The Charter for Children and Young People reflects a commitment to work from a foundation of state, national and international children’s rights including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and other human rights instruments.

The statements in the Charter represent the voices of children and young people, and reflect what is important to them – having a good home life, having support from trusted adults, being listened to, participating in decisions that affect them, opportunity for a quality education, employment and most importantly, being respected and valued.

The Charter sets out 20 conditions that all children and young people in South Australia can, and should, have without discrimination.

The conditions call on all South Australians to play an active role in improving the outcomes of children and young people, including children and young people themselves, parents, families and other caregivers, local governments, state government, the private sector, non-government organisations, Aboriginal communities, religious and cultural leaders, the media, and all who work with children and young people.

Children and Young People’s Charter Summit 2019

The Council invited up to 147 children and young people (5-18 years) to attend a summit at the Adelaide Zoo on 5 June 2019 to identify what matters to them in terms of health, safety, wellbeing, education and citizenship and to say what having a good life is all about. Their opinions and advice will inform the writing of the Charter for Children and Young People.

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