Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

Outcomes Framework

South Australia’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People, supports the development and wellbeing of South Australians from birth to 18 years. It adopts a long-term focus to track and improve the outcomes of all children and young people. A collective and sustained effort will enable children and young people in South Australia to start well, grow strong and experience a good life, now and in the future. The framework identifies five key dimensions as measurable descriptions of success at the population level; Health, Safety, Wellbeing, Education, and Preparing for adulthood.

The Framework provides a structured approach to determine how children and young people fare in each dimension, by providing the evidence that shows if improved outcomes are equally shared by all. For each indicator there is a set of measures that allows progress to be tracked and provides a holistic view of the wellbeing and development of all children and young people..

Outcomes Framework Data and Technical Report

The Data and Technical Report provides the detailed technical specifications for measures in the Framework. The report captures the latest available data from a variety of state, national and international sources, to monitor, track and report the outcomes of children and young people in the five dimensions.

Outcomes Framework dimensions


Young South Australians are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.


Young South Australians are safe and nurtured.


Young South Australians are happy, inspired and engaged.


Young South Australians are successful learners.

Preparing for adulthood

Young South Australians participate actively in society.