Health Snapshots

Mental health

More than 2 in 10 (20.9%) children and young people 5-17 years used a mental health service in South Australia in 2018-19. The services included psychologist, psychiatrist, other community mental health services and online/phone services.

In 2018-19, almost 20% of children and young people 5-17 years in South Australia had been diagnosed with a mental health condition such as depression, ADHD, conduct disorder, anxiety or other conditions. Of these children and young people, more than half (55%) received treatment for their mental health concerns.

In both the Adelaide metropolitan area of Onkaparinga and the regional area of Murray and Mallee more than 600 children and young people had used a community mental health care service in 2017-18.

Fully immunised 5 year olds

Vaccines protect children from some serious diseases. At 5 years of age, children should have received additional vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough to be considered fully immunised. In 2019, almost 95% of all children aged 5 years in South Australia were fully immunised, an increase since 2012 (89%). Nationally, 97% of all children aged 5 years were fully immunised.

In 2019, the 3 regions in South Australia with the highest proportion of fully immunised 5 years olds (97%) were the Mid North, Outback and Tea Tree Gully regions.

The proportion of fully immunised Aboriginal 5 year olds is 96%, an increase since 2012 (83%).

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